December 17, 2008

Local Man Not Shaken By Dismal Economy

Says Fiscal Responsibility, Employment Diligence Both Key Concepts

Rochester, Minn. (Rhodes Media Services) -- With much of the country clutching its gut and bleeding from the eyes due to the worst economic decline arguably in the history of all human civilization, one local man says he's "getting along just fine."

As foreclosed houses fall into disrepair and are swallowed whole into the earth by a Mother Nature bent on revenge, and hordes of unemployed masses claw, zombie-like, at the doors of local shelters, Ryan Rhodes, a writer and editor, has managed to stave off the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune the global economy has unleashed upon us.

Incredibly, records show Mr. Rhodes has not only been able to keep his house, he's actually been paying anywhere from $200 to $500 OVER the minimum monthly mortgage payment for the past three years. Even more unbelievable, he's reportedly been putting enough money away to be able to afford materials and a non-Mexican carpenter for a basement remodeling project.

"Well, I knew that it would probably cost about $4,000 for the initial framing work," said Rhodes, speaking casually on his cell phone, from the place where he's inexplicably employed. "So, I looked at my financial situation, did a little simple math, and put away a little bit of money from every paycheck. You'd be surprised how quickly the money accumulated."

Even as the economy sucks people into its maw like Dante's three-headed Satan in the ninth circle of hell, Rhodes remains irritatingly upbeat, actually apparently hopeful, as he calculates how much he'll have to put away to bring an electrician in once the carpenter has completed his task.

"I figure it won't be more than $5,000, depending on the electrician," said Rhodes, obviously scheming how best to scam struggling electricians in this most dire of times. "I know I'm due for a raise come February, so I may be able to afford carpet earlier than I thought."

Although it defies belief, Rhodes maintains he has never had a credit card account at any point in his 33 years, thereby avoiding the credit trap that caught so many unsuspecting, innocent, completely credit-worthy borrowers.

"I get credit card crap in the mail all the time," said Rhodes. "I've just never had a real compelling need for one yet. I suppose some day I'd consider signing up for one, but so far I've been able to make do with what I have."

As for being able to keep his house during a housing collapse that has decimated entire neighborhoods, Rhodes attributes his success to not taking a home loan he knew he couldn't afford.

"Man, I was actually approved for a mortgage almost twice the amount I ended up getting," said Rhodes. "I looked at the monthly payments and thought 'yeah, right, maybe if I had two part time jobs and gave blood twice a week.' I basically knew what I could afford, and took into consideration the possibility that I may not be making the same amount five years down the line. I eventually got a loan, and a house, that I've been very happy with."

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Wow, you were named after someone? Nice to have someone to look up to! lol

Posted by: Donna at December 19, 2008 11:15 PM
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