September 16, 2008

Debit Don't

There are few things that cause me quite the same flavor of anxiety as when I open my wallet and realize I'm missing my debit card. Granted, it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, all my neurons come alive and start sparking with every potential scenario involving a sinister card thief with a black handlebar moustache, draining my savings account in 10 minutes on e-Bay.

So it was, when I went to pay for gas last night and was confronted with an empty wallet slot usually reserved for my debit card, I basically started to freak out. I rushed home, called my credit union, pulled up my account information online, and basically looked like Jack Bauer trying to disarm a bomb. DAMN IT!

Well, it turns out, I apparently forgot to retrieve my card from an ATM after making a withdrawal Sunday afternoon, and the ATM ate my card after I hadn't retrieved it after 30 seconds. The credit union had mailed it back to me, but of course I cancelled it last night, fearing the worst, so when I get the card back, it will basically be a useless plastic rectangle. I suppose I could frame it or something, as a reminder to always retrieve my debit card. . .DUMBASS.

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