May 16, 2008

I've said this before, but. . .

The Internet truly is full of stupid people.

When I first started my ThunderJournal back in 2002, the Internet was full of stupid people, sure, but they hadn't, mercifully, quite figured out how to manifest that stupidity en masse.

Alas, the Internet is, if nothing else, a stupidity enabler.

Allowing comments to be posted on YouTube videos, for example, is a prime example of Internet stupidity enabling.

And my post yesterday, wherein I created an online petition as a parody of the sheer, unrelenting stupidity of the "Fire Kersten" petition? That original anti-Kersten petition has nonetheless continued to stand out as one of the stupidest things to fester on the Web. Honestly, there are people signing that petition who think they're writing TO THE STAR-TRIBUNE. How mind-fuckingly stupid are these people?!!!

And that type of shit is ALL OVER the Internet.

Honestly, it should be obvious, to anyone with three firing brain neurons that the petition site is nothing more than an engine for generating online ads. The very fact I could sign a petition as "Abe Lincoln" should be proof positive that the site is nothing but a really stupid gimmick.

But no. Really stupid people take online fluff like that really fucking seriously. Like the Minnesota Monitor, which is itself infused with off-the-charts stupidity masquerading as "news," even deigned to take the petition site seriously because one of the "signers" won a Pulitzer 20 years ago. Never mind the fact the Pulitzer winner has since devolved into such stupidity that he doesn't even recognize a completely meaningless scam petition site when he sees it.

I mean, the Internet is still great and everything; it's a wonderfully useful tool, particularly for those of us in the writing realm.

But jeezum crow. . . the Internet is sure chock full of stupid.

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