January 27, 2008

When A Movie Review Suffers Bush Derangement Syndrome

This review of Rambo is just an unintentionally hilarious scream:

Just in time for the final days of the Bush regime comes “Rambo,” a movie with its heart in Reagan-era ham-fisted foreign policy and its brain looking for new geopolitical evil that can be reduced to its most simplistic form.

Seriously. If you can take a movie like Rambo and wrap it into a screed about the "Bush regime" and ham-fisted foreign policy, you've pretty much leaped over the fence of sanity and rationality. It's Rambo, for crying out loud. If you find yourself reading anything into it beyond blood and guts violence, you simply have too much time on your hands. Also, chances are good you probably look like a veteran nerd. Oh, wait:


The film does for the Myanmar genocide what “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” did for same-sex marriage — it brings a serious issue to the attention of morons who haven’t picked up a newspaper in five years while dragging that same issue down to nincompoop level.

Oh, sweet mother of pearl. If it were up to this guy, every movie being made would give the proper gravitas to the issue at hand. Try to imagine "Rambo" being treated along the same lines as "Philadelphia." How is it possible a movie reviewer can't seem to grasp the concept of "entertainment." I love how this guy can write "morons" and "nincompoop" into the same paragraph; it's like he tore a page out of "Nick Coleman's Rules for Writing."

I encourage you to read the rest of his self-righteous and indignant diatribe, if for no other reason because it's hysterical in its pretentiousness.

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