January 25, 2008

It's a hell of a drug

Ryan says: In the P-B today: "Researchers seek to cure cocaine overdose."

Caroline says: Oooo. Toughie.

Ryan says: Cocaine abusers REJOICE!

Ryan says: I wonder how you can become a test subject for that study.

Caroline says: I was just wondering how you become a researcher on that study.

Ryan says: It might be fun up until the point you're actually asked to overdose.

Caroline says: "Oh, c'mon. Just a little bit more. It's for the study."

Ryan says: "Jeez, guys, that seems like a pretty long line you want me to snort."

Ryan says: OMG.

Caroline says: Heeee

Ryan says: Our brain waves are apparently fine tuned to the same frequency this fine Friday.

Caroline says: This has been a pretty fine Friday. It all started with "Grief is a funny thing."

Ryan says: Yeah, our handbasket to hell was pretty well on its way by 10 a.m., wasn't it?

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