December 07, 2007

Fridays Are Too Happy to Read Eeyore

Caroline says: Have you read the latest Coleman?

Ryan says: I started to, but it had absolutely no point, so I gave up.

Caroline says: His columns never have a point.

Ryan says: Yes, but this one was particularly pointless.

Caroline says: But I'm sure the families of the folks he mentions in the column are just so pleased to have it brought up again.

Ryan says: What it must be like to live in his skull; nothing but moaning, moping, the-world-is-broken depressive pabulum.

Caroline says: He's the worst.

Ryan says: That should be his tagline at the Strib.

Ryan says: Nick Coleman: He's The Worst.

Caroline says: Or, or! Interest Level: Zero

Ryan says: No, no. That should be the tag that wraps up each of his columns.

Caroline says: So many tags, so little interest.

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