October 18, 2007

My Larry Craig Commentary

At the risk of being all political and, therefore, controversial, I thought I'd weigh in on the ongoing drama that is the Larry Craig affair, a topic that has much of the national media swirling with gossip.

Larry Craig--who plunged into the political scene back in 1981 and currently serves on a throne as a Republican senator representing the state of Idaho--was arrested back in June for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. The ensuing scandal has left an unpleasant skidmark on an otherwise unblemished political career.

Come August, Craig instead pleaded guilty to a lesser, number two, charge of disorderly conduct, hoping to wipe the matter clean entirely. Unfortunately for the senator, the public grunted loud disapproval of his actions, prompting Craig to announce his intention to resign from the Senate on September 30.

Instead, he stalled. Which is what Craig apparently does quite well. Stalling comes quite naturally to him. Nothing gives him more pleasure than a good stall tactic. He'll squat in a stall until he gets what he wants, no matter how long it takes. He was no doubt hoping this would all blow over. He's quite obviously unwilling to give up his seat.

The national media, of course, has been impatiently tapping their feet since the September 30 deadline came and went, and their stance has widened noticeably in outrage over Craig's stall maneuver. They've been dogged in their pursuit of Craig's paper trail.

Amidst this increased media scrutiny, Craig has hunkered down further, giving every signal he's interested in exploring options that benefit only himself, and maybe one or two other people.

Craig has attempted a variety of tactic to distance himself from the scandal, some of which have been sinkers, while others have floated hopefully with public opinion. The photo-op of the senator dropping the kids off at the pool polled particularly well.

In my opinion, the senator simply won't be able to flush this scandal out of the spotlight. His bathroom antics have lifted the lid on his secretive personal behavior, exposing himself as a hypocrite with a hopelessly soiled reputation.

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