June 14, 2007

An Interesting ThunderJournal Week

It's still only Thursday, but this has been quite a weird week for my ThunderJournal. First, I was pinged via SameTime by an IBMer who informed me I have quite a few "fans" in his department, which was nice to hear, but it's also a tad jolting to be reminded just how widespread your blog readership may be.

Then, I was linked to by Comedy Central, thanks to a screed about an unfunny bit "The Daily Show" did about mixed martial arts (MMA). My blog traffic after that was, shall we say, INSANE!

I find it ironic, during a time when my posting is light due to a lack of topics to write about, my blog gets the most traffic it's ever seen. Perhaps if I stop writing entirely, I'll get a million hits a day?

Silence is golden.

Posted by Ryan at June 14, 2007 08:52 AM | TrackBack
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