May 10, 2007

Reality TV

Caroline says: I like some stuff on there, too. I knock American freaking idol.

Ryan says: Oh, I hate on AI.

Caroline says: Oh, snap.

Ryan says: I simply can't see the appeal.

Caroline says: Nor can I

Ryan says: Oh, hey, they're singing. Big whoop.

Caroline says: I'm so freaking sick of it.

Caroline says: Not singing well, mind you.

Caroline says: I've caught the very end of the show a couple of times waiting for House to come on.

Ryan says: Two more years, people will move on.

Caroline says: I don't know ... I thought that two years ago.

Ryan says: In five years, we'll see "American Pornstar," and I'll be in the audience cheering it on.

Ryan says: If not participating in tryouts.

Caroline says: Two wangs up!

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