May 08, 2006

Ah, the Memories

Back in my college days, I had to take a few classes to fulfill my Mass Communications/Journalism major requirements that I really didn't want to. Amongst those classes was Broadcast Journalism, an area I wasn't much interested in because I enjoyed writing articles rather than talking into a microphone.

Anyway, my first experience with a broadcast journalism class was taught by an Indian (dot, not feathers) guy named Ajit Daniel. During that initial class, I think I only learned one thing: specifically, I HATE AJIT DANIEL! His was the only class wherein I received a D grade, and I had to work harder for that D than for any A I ever earned. The next semester, I bumped into Ajit in the halls and he asked: "Mr. Rhodes, do you know why I gave you a D." To which I responded: "Yeah, because you're a jackass."

I later regretted that, because I ended up having to take two more classes with that jackass. Although, I did manage to squeak out of both classes with Cs.

Well, anyway, over the weekend, I discovered this site, and I registered and looked up my old pal Ajit to see what other students thought about him. You can only view the first three entries without registration, so I thought I'd share some of the other glowing reviews from Ajit's students:

Literally Satan reincarnated. Are you a broadcasting major at Winona State? My best advice to you...change your major or transfer to another school.
Avoid at all costs. I feel bad for anyone in brodcasting. I took a terrorism class with him. It could have been the most interesting class ive ever had, but it was one of the worst. Unorganized and changes the syllabus about once every two weeks.
I am an A student. I got a C in his class. How crappy. Only one student got an A, in a 100 level class! Avoid if possible, but it's not feasible.
Crazy professor who follows his mood... avoid him if possible, he's nuts!

That's all pretty accurate, in my opinion. And, yes, I only posted those reviews that paint him in a bad light. This is my blog. I can do that.

Posted by Ryan at May 8, 2006 10:57 AM | TrackBack

Ol' Dr. Daniel....been there....hated it, survived it...if you can get through his courses, you can take on anything!

Posted by: C N at June 8, 2006 10:22 PM
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