April 28, 2006

Tobacco Talk

Ryan says: Although, I've been known to partake in a plug when I'm out partying with the Good 'Ole Boys.

Ryan says: Which hasn't happened since January, come to think of it. Time to organize another poker party, methinks.

Jody says: filthy habit if you ask me but at least it doesn't affect anyone else

Ryan says: Oh, it's disgusting, but if you're not used to it, it gives a killer buzz.

Jody says: that's what I heard

Jody says: I think its even more disgusting when women do it

Ryan says: I've only seen a couple women do it. And, yes, it's gross.

Jody says: ranks right along with women having barbed wire tattoos on their arms

Ryan says: That can be sexy, but only if the woman is a well-established whore.

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