January 27, 2006

Blogging Cons and Pros

It's been a mixed week for me when it comes to blogging. First, there was the kinda, sorta creepy update to the IBM double door story. Then, yesterday, a comment I left in jest at one of my daily reads actually earned me a chastising e-mail from my company president. Which. . . whoever forwarded that comment on to the Prez, let me just say. . . "Hellloooooooo! Comedy/Satire/Parody/Humor. . . familiarize yourself with these concepts before you start taking every comment you read seriously.

On the plus side, I did receive an e-mail from a friend from Tokyo who I hadn't heard from in about 13 years after he discovered my blog, which was way cool.

Posted by Ryan at January 27, 2006 10:02 AM | TrackBack

From the President of IBM itself? Wow, you must feel honoured! Maybe he'll get curious and plow through your archives, and spot . . dare I say it . . the Durteh Mushrewm. What do you think would happen if those images became public knowledge to your colleagues and superiors?

There's actually a big IBM building I pass twice daily on my commute, which I've been curious about for a while. Why on earth would IBM have an office block in the most remote capital city . . um . . on earth? Surely there's not that much of a call for mainframe solutions amongst the sheep-farmers and gold-miners of our illustrious state? That's Perth, Western Australia for all you unwashed masses out there. Anyway, my smooth-pated buddy (I too am now sporting a newly shiny bonce - that receding hairline business is a biatch) if you can shed some light onto this I'd be grateful.

Posted by: Simon at January 28, 2006 03:40 AM

I work within IBM walls, but the company that employs me is a magazine publishing company out of the Twin Cities, so the e-mail came from the president of that company, not IBM.

As for a mainframe office near you, I can only speculate, though a similar question would be why IBM opted for a plant in Rochester, MN, and the answer would be because it was cheap land.

Posted by: Ryan at January 28, 2006 11:50 AM

Dude, where's the comment? I wanna know what got you in trouble.

Posted by: Joshua at January 29, 2006 07:12 AM

By the way, you spam filter won't let me post my e-mail address. Evidently pretty much everything with "ess aech you ay" in it is on your blacklist, as are all permutations-- which is why I can't even say "ess aech you ay AT" or anything like it.

Posted by: Joshua at January 29, 2006 07:17 AM
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