December 09, 2005

Reporters Leak Name of Secret Civilian

Former CIA Operative Now "Just Like Everybody Else."

WASHINGTON D.C. (Rhodes Media Services)-- In what will surely be a bombshell to the White House, sources today leaked that super-secret, double-hush-hush, tagsies-no-backsies CIA agent Valerie Plame is now no longer a CIA agent.

According to reports, two people who have known Plame for years confirmed her departure from the CIA on Friday, prompting many to question who those two unknown sources were, and why they leaked the name of a civilian who is now just like everybody else.

"In this day and age, with civil rights being stripped away like the clothes from an exotic dancer, we simply can not have people leaking the names of civilians to the press," said Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. "We must stand in support of privacy rights, like the support a brass pole provides for particularly nubile, unclothed women!"

Fitzgerald later apologized for his confusing analogy, saying that a recent recreational visit to a certain unnamed establishment may have been clouding his thinking.

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