April 25, 2005

Don't you just hate when that happens?


Ryan says: Funny thing is, if you take away the earring, you could almost SWEAR that's Vits.

Caroline says: Um, that guy is kind of large.

Ryan says: Oh, I was assuming that the back part was the back of his chair.

Ryan says: More to the point, you don't think 6'6" is large?

Caroline says: check out his arms

Caroline says: I meant, beefy

Ryan says: I don't know. They look like Vits arms to me.

Ryan says: Maybe not as long.

Caroline says: You couldn't pick Vits' arms out of a lineup ... of .. arms

Caroline says: an armup

Ryan says: Up in arms.

Caroline says: This guy's arms are just beefy looking. Not like Marc's arms at all.

Caroline says: and, by "beefy," I mean fat

Ryan says: I know what "beefy" means.

Caroline says: I'm just saying.

Caroline says: You said something about them being long.

Ryan says: Vits has long arms.

Caroline says: I know, but not beefy. Like this guy.

Ryan says: If Vits were to bury his head in his arms, they'd take on a beefy appearance.

Ryan says: You know what I hope? I hope it turns out that this guy actually IS Vits.

Caroline says: No, I don't think beefication would occur if he were to bury his head in his arms.

Ryan says: The scrunchification of his head pushed against his arm would totally beeficate the appendage.

Ryan says: So there.

Caroline says: But he's not resting his head against his left arm, which has been beefified without scrunchification.

Ryan says: That's not the debate. We're talking about the scrunchificationess of Vitse's potential beefitude.

Caroline says: His potential beefitude doesn't lie in his arms or legs. Lankification has taken affect.

Ryan says: Lankification can still be nullified by the appropriate amount of scrunchification, thus creating a beefified appearance.

Caroline says: There would have to be a perfect ratio of lankification to scrunchification in order for that to happen.

Posted by Ryan at April 25, 2005 01:08 PM

Where's my Urban Dictionary when I need it?

Posted by: Jim at April 26, 2005 12:55 PM
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