January 19, 2005

Caught In Passing

Last night, whilst treadmilling on the treadmill, I was watching a 2002 movie called "Live From Baghdad," which chronicles how the CNN team was the only news team to be present in Iraq the night the air raids began back in 1991. I remember that report: the grainy yellowish-green video showing an ungodly number of tracers streaking across the sky, with the alternating voices delivering to the world what they saw and heard. It was on-the-scene journalism as pure as Colombian cocaine.

Well, anyway, "Live From Baghdad" was a decent movie. It was good for treadmilling. But, one exchange caught my attention and it peeved me just a bit. Yes, I was peeved.

It was the scene of the CNN newsroom just before the bombs started to fall. Tensions and anxiety were high. There was some debate as to whether to go with a "War In The Gulf" or "Crises In The Gulf." They opt for "Crises In The Gulf," but then the producer adds:

"You better add 'Persian Gulf,' otherwise middle America might think we're bombing Mexico."

Yeah, those dumb middle Americans! Hyuk. They shore dern't know anerthing 'bout geomography. They're not enlightened or informed like those astute folks at CNN.


And that movie was made in 2002, two years before those red-necked Jesus-freaks went and elected "W" for a second term.

This type of blanket assumption regarding the intellect of middle America is just irritating as all hell. It's just as stereotypical and prejudicial, and INCORRECT, as any other type of stereotype or prejudice.

Posted by Ryan at January 19, 2005 10:41 AM
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