August 02, 2004

Just Some Stuff

First thing's first, my weekend was great. It was one of those do-whatever weekends that go a long way to relaxing the mind. Disconnect from the Internet and rediscover the wonderful world of sleep. Take this advice and go with it.

Oh, and I met Mitch Berg, and it's about damned time I finally met another blogger in person. I was beginning to to think the blogosphere was an elaborate figment of my imagination. Alas, Mitch was doing a radio gig (on a station that I couldn't pick up, for some reason), so we didn't have much time to talk. But, I think this pretty much sums up our meeting. Sorry, Mitch.

Mitch was doing a promotional thing for some real estate called Diamond Bluff. Melissa and I perused the area, and it really is some phenomenal land. The choicest lot overlooked the Mississippi, including all the boating activity and a train track about 200 feet below. You could also, if you really wanted to, look down river a few miles and see Treasure Island Casino and the neighboring nuclear power plant, which sort of put a damper on the whole panoramic effect, but the overall view was just tremendous. And, for a mere $500,000+, you could build your dream home there.

The stopover at the Diamond Bluff shindig was mostly a curiosity distraction from our ultimate goal of doing a little bit of gambling at Treasure Island. It only took an hour and a half for Melissa and myself to burn through $60, and that was enough fun for us. *sigh*

I also very nearly bought a kitten this weekend, but I somehow managed, despite an insistent girlfriend and an impossibly cute kitty, to resist. This of course means that I'll probably own a cat within a couple of months or so, but I was able to postpone the inevitable, which counts for something, I guess.

Posted by Ryan at August 2, 2004 09:52 AM

Buy the kitty! You know you want to!

Seriously, adopt one from a rescue or humane society if possible.

Posted by: Heidi at August 2, 2004 11:19 AM

I agree. Humane society is where you should get a kitten/cat. Every one of our pets has been a stray or humane society animal. There's so many wonderful animals that need homes. Why pay a jong-load of money for a kitten in a pet store when you can get one for close to free at the humane society? You'll feel better about yourself if you get one there as well :-)

Posted by: Rick at August 2, 2004 01:21 PM

Actually, the cats at that pet store were basically free. If you bought a Kitten Kit of items, such as litter and toys and such stuff, for about $80, they give you the cat for free.

But, yeah, I see what you're saying.

Posted by: Ryan at August 2, 2004 01:27 PM
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