June 04, 2004

Cheddar To the X Degree

I haven't done a good Cheddar X in awhile, so here I go:

1. What do you have planned for the future?

World domination, while trampling on the little guys to establish myself as the undisputed Emperor Of The World. I shall crush my enemies with the ruthlessness of a million sadists! I shall rule with an iron fist, and all will tremble before me!

Either that, or I'll buy a Slim Jim after work.


2. Who is the single most important person in your life and why?

Me. Oh, you mean besides that? I could say Melissa, but I don't think that's the case quite yet. Right now, I'd probably have to say it's a tie between my parents, although Melissa could probably usurp them sometime in the relatively near future.

3. Describe yourself in five words.

Smoking Hot Specimen of Male Hunkiness (The "of" doesn't count."

4. You can spend one night alone with any one person you wish--who is it?

Salma Hayek.

5. Name your five favorite movies.

The Shawshank Redemption
The Right Stuff
The Last Emperor
Schindler's List
Debbie Does Dallas

6. Name your five favorite musical artists.

Skip. Next.

7. Name your five favorite movies when you were in high school.

Debbie Does Dallas
Swedish Erotica Volume 1
Swedish Erotica Volume 2
Swedish Erotica Volume 3
Swedish Erotica Volume 4

8. Five favorite musicians when you were in high school.

I can't remember, but I'm sure they all sucked.

Posted by Ryan at June 4, 2004 10:25 AM

"although Melissa could probably usurp them sometime in the relatively near future."

Is this what's referred to in the biz as a teaser?

And very nice choice on your one person for one night. After a night, I think her wild and alleged bitchiness would override her inherent utter nova-esque hotness.

Posted by: Johnny Huh? at June 7, 2004 03:12 PM

Oh, no, Johnny. I'm not trying to play up anything big with that "relatively near future" thing, although I can see why you'd ponder that.

No, what I meant was, since I'm constantly deferring to her when it comes to house-related decisions, she could usurp my parents as the most important person in my life, that's all. No plans for marrying or living together at this point.

Posted by: Ryan at June 7, 2004 03:19 PM

Just checking, I know how you journos are big on foreshadowing and teaser lines and all that stuff.

Though it sounds like you're all BUT married now as it is if she's making all the house decisions. Hehehe!

Posted by: Johnny Huh? at June 8, 2004 02:54 PM
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