April 18, 2002

I'm back from Nashville, and,

I'm back from Nashville, and, judging by my blog counter, I've have not been horribly missed. Ah, tis tough climbing the cruel ladder of fame and fortune. A few notes about Nashville. Nashville is hot. Nashville is humid. I'm in pretty good shape and I still broke a sweat simply by breathing. But, Nashville is decidedly more entertaining than Rochester (slogan: Welcome to Rochester, please don't wake the natives). I didn't intend to go into Rochester bashing, but since I'm here. . . I've lived in this city for three years, and I have yet to see anything here that makes me tilt my head back and say, "Wow! That's pretty cool." You see, Rochester has officially done away with anything even remotely cool. All the buildings in this town have been cut from the same boring block of granite. The mall? Boring. Nightlife? Non-existent, and spread far apart so you're likely to get pulled over while you're not having any fun. Downtown? Boring, unless you consider stop lights at every intersection somehow entertaining. Now, Nashville is entertaining. I'm not referring here to Opryland where I stayed for four days. Staying at Opryland is like living in a bio-dome while tripping on acid. Not that I've ever tripped on acid, but I'm making a metaphor here. Tripping on acid? So, there I was, walking down the street, and I tripped on this big pile of acid. Damn near melted my shoes clean off. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, Nashville. The mall outside of Opryland was just awesome, and the downtown area of the city was alive with great bars all complemented with live music. I wanted to take a four block area of Nashville back with me to Rochester and plop it four blocks from where I live. Well, now I'm back at work and I'm facing a pile of tasks that require completion. More later. Maybe.

Now, in a bid to boost my site traffic, I'm going to repeat the name Hanna Montana a few times. Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana. Oh, and Amanda Overmeyer. Amanda Overmeyer. Amanda Overmeyer. Evanna Lynch. Evanna Lynch. Evanna Lynch.

Posted by Ryan at April 18, 2002 10:12 AM
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