April 18, 2002

Of Mice and Men (and

Of Mice and Men (and boredom)
So, as I wrote my newspaper column last night, I became aware of a rustling in the leaves outside my window. I should note here that my room is in the basement, and my window descends about two and a half feet below ground, so there's a wooden boxed off area right outside my window. Apparently, a mouse has taken up abode there, whether by accidently falling in the window trap or intentionally, I do not know. So, anyway, I kept hearing a periodic rustling outside, so I went over to my window to investigate. No sooner had I stuck my face on the screen, when the mouse let out a startled "Peep!" and scurried under the leaves. This amused me to no end. So, every time I heard the mouse rustling away, I'd sneak up to the window and yell "Boo!" Each time, the mouse let out a startled peep and bolted beneath the leaves. Once, I think it was expecting me, because I yelled boo, and the mouse jumped up against the screen, startling the hell out of me. This is no minor league mouse. It is as big as a baseball and it has dark fur. I think I'll call him "Rodey the Rodent." Or maybe "Rodey the Rustling Rodent." Whatever the case, I'm debating whether to keep my captive window pet or fish him out and set him free. Oh, decisions decisions.

Posted by Ryan at April 18, 2002 01:07 PM

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