April 24, 2002

For possibly the 731st time,

For possibly the 731st time, my Web-browser has prompted an annoying pop-up ad touting the benefits of "The amazing Web Cam." Now, I knew the very first time I saw this pop-up that I did not need, and I did not want, "The amazing Web Cam." Those in the marketing world, a world in which people wear socks on their heads and sing old Johnny Horton songs, maintain that pop-up ads are extremely effective and that they sell products. I find this incredibly hard to believe. The only thing effective about them is that they have added to my dexterity and finger clicking strength because I try to close the damned boxes before they can even fully load. And my resolve to not purchase "The amazing Web Cam" is strengthened each time I have to play a game of digital whack-a-mole. Seriously, do marketing experts really believe that, although I'm irritated the first 731 times, I'm bound to see the benefits the 732nd time?
"Ohhhhh, now I get it! The web cam actually is the answer to all my problems! I can't believe I didn't see how much I really needed a web cam the first 731 times I was confronted with the pop-up! What a fool I was! Thank God they were so persistent and kept prompting that ad or I would never have realized how important a web cam is to my daily existence. But, why am I sitting here typing this? I should be out buying a web cam. No, three web cams. You can never have enough web cams."
And, I have to ask, why would you really need a web cam in the first place? Sure, they would be a neat novelty for maybe 10 minutes or so, but suddenly I'd realize that I don't want the world to see me scratching myself every 15 minutes (and that's a conservative estimate). I live with two female roommates, but I simply don't have the urge to set up a bunch of web cams around the house in the hopes that they'll trot by in the buff. You see, that's when I become a disgusting pervert, and I have enough nicknames already without adding that to my list of designations. So, no, I don't want a web cam. I don't need a web cam. Now, if I could only stop the pop-ups.

Posted by Ryan at April 24, 2002 11:01 AM
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