May 13, 2002

Flying with Towels I slept

Flying with Towels
I slept luxuriously last night. It was one of those slumbers where you sleep for four hours and it feels like 12. I also had one of my recurring flying dreams, which are just super fun subconscious excursions. This time, I discovered I could fly if I wrapped my legs in towels and kicked like I was swimming. Don't ask me what electrical brain impulses made this seem like a viable flying solution, but it made perfect sense to me as I slept. And, of course, everyone was in total awe of my ability to fly with towels wrapped around my leg. I woke up at about 4 a.m. to, um, perform bathroom duties, and I discovered that my waking self is still governed by the force of gravity. I was walking back to my room, missed the doorway, caught my foot on the door frame, and promptly fell, face-first, into my desk chair. That never would have happened if I only had towels wrapped on my legs.

Ghosts of IBM
There's an eerie feeling permeating the air at IBM today. Two familiar faces in my hall are no more; their desks, once bedecked with photos of family and loved ones, are now empty, undecorated reminders of their presence. The layoffs have apparently begun. Will I survive this latest round? Hopefully. But even if I do, the damage done to others is incalculable. And my beloved Diet Pepsi 20 oz. quenchers have increased in price by a dime to $1.10. That's just unforgivable.

Posted by Ryan at May 13, 2002 01:32 PM
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