June 03, 2002

Come to This Blog to

Come to This Blog to Find. . .
Well, it's time once again to visit my site meter to find out what people are seeking when they visit my site. All of these searches were done via Google:

- "Detonation devices"+suicide: Well folks, this can't be good. I'm a little concerned about this hit. Quick, contact the CIA and FBI! Oh, wait, never mind. They wouldn't do anything about it anyway.
- Green+Beret+Hapkido: Must be a little known branch of the military I haven't yet heard of.
- Shower+Pecker+Blog: Well, this one is anyone's guess. Any blogs out there about showering peckers? Tell us. We must know!
- Ryan+Rhodes: Now, there's a good old common sense search. When people want to find me, they look up my name. It's nice to see that people are searching for me.
- Fruit+Cake+Recipes: No clue on this one. I've never even eaten a fruit cake, let alone seen a recipe for one.
- IBM+Layoff: Another topic near and dear to my heart. Three people came by looking for this one.
- Fake+Pictures+of+Lance+Bass+Naked: This just offends me, mainly because Lance Bass is stealing my rightful seat on the space shuttle to the International Space Station. I should totally be going instead of him. Totally.
- Britney+Spears+Shower+Nozzles: Am I to assume there are such shower nozzles on the market today? Two solid streams of water spew forth from Britney's nipples, massaging your shoulders while a recorded voice sings "Wash me Baby One More Time." Actually, that sounds pretty cool.

Posted by Ryan at June 3, 2002 04:56 PM

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