June 05, 2002

To Bagel or not to

To Bagel or not to Bagel

Tall Girl: I ate all day yesterday
Tall Girl: I had some pretzles this morning
Tall Girl: went to Dos for lunch
Tall Girl: and my officmate was eating this yummie looking bagle thing, and there's a lot left.
Tall Girl: I want it
Tall Girl: I am not even hungry
Tall Girl: I just want to taste it
Tall Girl: are you even there?
Tall Girl: tell me not to eat it
Ryan: Don't eat it. Dumbass.
Ryan: I ate French silk pie during lunch today. To die for.
Tall Girl: ooohhhhh
Tall Girl: lord
Tall Girl: I might just eat it
Tall Girl: no
Tall Girl: no no
Tall Girl: bad girl
Tall Girl: is that all you had for lunch?
Tall Girl: French Silk Pie
Tall Girl: I love that pie
Ryan: I also had chicken casserole, green beans and a roll.
Tall Girl: oh my
Tall Girl: did you go to Baker's Square?
Tall Girl: gggeeez
Tall Girl: I feel like pigging out
Ryan: But I run and do hapkido, so I can get away with sneaking goodies like that. Just think, if you started running with me, you'd be eating that bagel right now.
Tall Girl: if I do run with you, can I have the bagel?
Tall Girl: damnit
Tall Girl: I thought my stress would eat it away
Ryan: Yes, but you'd HAVE to run with me the whole three miles; no chickening out.
Tall Girl: *L*
Tall Girl: what? you mean I can't just run a block?
Ryan: Nope.
Tall Girl: I don't think I can make it
Tall Girl: I guess I won't be getting the bagel afterall
Ryan: Well, no bagel for you.
Tall Girl: ;(

*ten minutes pass*

Tall Girl: I ate the bagel

Posted by Ryan at June 5, 2002 02:09 PM

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