June 07, 2002

Picking Up the Parents: Just

Picking Up the Parents: Just Not In "That Way"

Well, it's that time of year again. The leaves are on the trees, flowers are in bloom, and my parents are returning from their teaching jobs in Tokyo to while away the summer months in my hometown of Harmony, Minn. And, since I live in Rochester, I get to pick them up at the airport and cart them to their final destination. It's always nice to see my parents after such an extended absence, but they're going to talk about jet lag, and they're going to talk about the flight, and they're going to give me a detailed report of everything leading up to the flight. It's mind-screechingly boring stuff to sit through, and I'm usually the one who starts it all off:

ME: Hey Mom, hey Dad. It's great to see you. How was your flight? *D'oh!*

DAD: Oh, it was longgggg. I was up at 3 a.m. today getting ready. Getting to the airport was a bear because of the traffic. Ohhhhh, gripe, gripe, gripe.

MOM: But we got upgraded to business class, so that was nice, but there were these loud people behind us, so that wasn't so nice.

However, we go to a Chinese restaurant each year, so that translates into a free meal for me. Plus, I get to leave work early. Plus, it's gorgeous outside. Plus, I'm just an impossibly good looking young man.

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