June 14, 2002

Some Self-Analysis Okaaaaayyyy, I'm not

Some Self-Analysis

Okaaaaayyyy, I'm not sure what black cloud is hanging over Bloggervania today, but all the blogs I've visited seem to have a self-analysis theme where people try to justify why they think they're bad people. Does that make any sense? No? Tough shit.

I don't dabble in self-analysis very often, because it's almost always depressing. "I'm miserable today, and I think it's because my alcoholic fifth cousin, Melvin, whom I've never met, once sent me a bithday card when I was five but it arrived three weeks late. I've never been the same since, and I think that's why I'm single, with a big wart on my nose, and six fingers on both hands. I just can't get close to people, and I push them away, because I don't want them to find out the real me, the real me that sits in cemetaries each night looking for a fresh grave to unearth."

Here's my gripe. People sit and search for reasons why they're the way they are without doing a damn thing to change the things about themselves that irritate them, as if coming up with reasons justifies them being less than stellar human beings and they can go on their happy little way without putting any effort into changing. I could sit and come up with reasons all day long why I haven't reached my ideal employment status, but coming up with reasons really doesn't change anything, does it? Here's a novel thought, why don't I actually update my resume and start job searching rather than filling up my latest blog entry with reasons why I'm miserable? Shazam!

I know, I know, an unexamined life is not worth living, or some such smarmy tripe like that, but the fact is that, despite all the hardships people believe they've endured during their lives, they're ultimately responsible for who they are now. People that simply sit back picking through their childhood looking for reasons why they can't hold a job, or can't focus, or can't maintain a relationship, are just being lazy. Make a mental effort to change rather than throwing up a shield that protects your scared little world.

Easier said than done, I know. But most things worthwhile in life are.

Posted by Ryan at June 14, 2002 12:42 PM
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