June 14, 2002

What is IBM Trying to

What is IBM Trying to Say Here?

I just saw something quite strange here at IBM, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I had to run over to the Rochester main IBM blue buildings to visit the credit Union. So, I was walking the labyrinth of hallways, making my way to the credit union, when I came upon a most unusual sight. There, bolted up against the wall, was a blue metal box with white lettering that read "Cyanide Antidote." Cyanide Antidote? I can understand the occasional fire extinguisher or first aid kit, but what necessitates a metal box loaded with cyanide antidote?

IBM Worker: Oh, my God! I've just ingested cyanide from an unknown source. Where's the cyanide antidote when I really need it!? Gaaghh! Argh!

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that the box was padlocked shut, so even if you were to ingest cyanide and find a box of antidote, you sure as hell better have the right key to open the padlock. I am most perplexed as to why there was a metal box of cyanide antidote bolted to the wall. If anyone reading this knows the answer, I would really like to know.

Posted by Ryan at June 14, 2002 02:12 PM

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