June 18, 2002

Rochester Dog Poop and Horns

Rochester Dog Poop and Horns

I saw a curious thing today as I went for my run. Actually, I saw two curious things. The first thing I saw was, about one mile into my run, a carfull of youths with an air horn that blared me down despite my headphones. They stopped, went in reverse, stopped again, and asked me why I stopped. I told them because they blared an air horn.

"You mean this?" they asked, and I quickly snatched the horn from the passenger's hand (he was stupid enough to wave it outside the vehicle), much to his absolute surprise. I've gotten remarkably good at this snatching thing lately. Okay, I was shocked I nabbed it too. I then broke off the horn part of the canister by stomping on it, and it started letting out the air with a loud *shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!* They peeled out so fast, I thought I would see flames. Am I that intimidating?

After that, I was feeling pretty cocky, so I was in a pretty much dead sprint. Regardless, as I ran, I saw a couple with a dog. This dog was squatting in a very, um, pooping position. Even though they were far away, I saw a guy pick it up with a plastic glove. I ran past them. I looked back. I saw the guy with the plastic glove drop the dog turd in a different lawn. I started jogging back to ask them about it. The guy with a plastic glove picked it up again and started carrying it once he saw me coming back. How pathetic are we human beings?

Otherwise, it was a good run.

Posted by Ryan at June 18, 2002 12:04 AM
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