June 18, 2002

From The Institute of Really

From The Institute of Really Obvious Things Comes. . .

If you can believe it, the following headline appeared at MSNBC.com, an otherwise good source for quality news:

Super-size meals mean super-size fat
Common fast-food practice leads to overeating, study says

Okay, everyone together now: Nooooo shit!

This groundbreaking study was reportedly conducted by the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity. Among the findings unearthed by NANA?

The practice of fast food chains pushing full meals or upgrading the size of side dishes like french fries and soft drinks encourages overeating and obesity, the study said.

So, to recap: eating too much food will result in being overweight. I have to know what egghead within NANA conducted this study. I could have come up with a moronic study like that and earned thousands of research dollars to discover something totally obvious. Perhaps a study to find out if people who can't swim are more likely to drown than people who can. Or maybe a study to determine once and for all whether not eating or drinking anything eventually results in death.

At 7-Eleven, it costs only 37 cents more to purchase a Double Gulp instead of a Gulp, but that adds more than 400 calories, according to Tuesday's report by the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity.

amazing. You'd think a drink called a Gulp would somehow be chock full of health benefits. Obviously, a Double Gulp should be double healthy. Thankfully, the article also points out that EXERCISE COMBATS EXTRA FOOD. Excuse me while I put my fist through the computer screen.

Researchers on the study recommend buying smaller meals or sharing with friends.

My head. . .it hurts. . .trying to cram it with too many blindingly obvious facts.

Posted by Ryan at June 18, 2002 04:53 PM
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