September 06, 2002

Of Wangs and Bleegs Jen

Of Wangs and Bleegs

Jen says: You're obsessed with your wang.

Ryan says: "Ah, my sweet, sweet wang." *smooch* *smooch* *smooch* "I love your smooth texture and your bulbous violet head." *smooch* *smooch* *smooch* <--insert Pepe Le Pew voice here.

Jen says: That's gross.

Ryan says: But very funny. You're such a douche.

Jen says: It wasn't funny.

Ryan says: "bulbous violet head"

Ryan says: Nary a snicker?

Jen says: Nope.

Jen says: Only disgust.

Ryan says: It's so sad when a girl depletes her sense of humor and roams the world devoid of laughter.

Jen says: Isn't it, though?

Jen says: I had a fit of giggles at gaming last night, though.

Jen says: so maybe you're just not funny.

Jen says: Did you ever think of that? huh?

Ryan says: I wave my wang in your humorless direction.

Jen says: Bleeg.

Ryan says: Bleeg? What the heck is a bleeg?

Jen says: It's the sound my brain makes when it bleeds.

Posted by Ryan at September 6, 2002 03:35 PM
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