September 09, 2002

We're All Looking for Something

We're All Looking for Something

Sometimes, our search for someone, or something, special leads us to the Internet, where we perform a Google search on "I+love"+rectum+"my+boyfriend."

Wait a minute. No, that doesn't, or shouldn't, happen. Come to think of it, what does that search even mean? And why does my site show up after doing a search like that? No matter how you rearrange the words, it still comes out seeming, well, wrong.

"Boyfriend, I love my rectum" No!

"I love my boyfriend, my rectum." No!

"My love, I rectum my boyfriend." No!

So, to the soul who stumbled across my site after performing a search on "I+love"+rectum+"my+boyfriend," may I just waggle my finger in your face and say "For shame!"

On a similar note, the parade of people who find my site after searching for "exposed+thongs" continues unabated.

Posted by Ryan at September 9, 2002 03:48 PM
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