September 10, 2002

Late for Work, but Oh,

Late for Work, but Oh, Those Dreams

Well, I was about a half hour late for work today. No big deal. I could have even made it on time, but I just kind of loped back and forth from my room to the bathroom, refreshing MusicMatch because it insisted on playing nothing buy Lenny Kravitz (Runny CrapShits). Okay, his music isn't bad, but come on: he doesn't warrant so much constant replay. I officially know exactly what will happen "Once I Dig In." Answer: "I'll Be Having Such a Good Time."

I awoke at 8:15, and there was something picking at the back of my mind that told me I was missing something. That something was the 8:30 magazine art/edit post mortem for the September issue. Oops. That's what I get for not checking my calendar before I leave each evening. When a meeting consists of about six people, and you're absent, chances are someone will notice. In my case, everyone noticed. But, I have a perfect excuse: I was having stellar dreams.

You know those dreams, the ones where you're fluttering between the conscious and subconscious world because your alarm clock is going off every nine minutes after you swat blindly at the snooze button. They're dreams that make no sense, but are flashing images of pleasant things, ideas and, above all, the warm fluffy feeling of mid-morning sleep.

The reality of the waking world, the world of missed meetings and Runny CrapShits, just can't compare to that.

Posted by Ryan at September 10, 2002 10:43 AM
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