October 10, 2002

Waking Up On the Floor

Waking Up On the Floor

I don't normally walk in my sleep, although there's a slim chance that, when in unfamiliar surroundings, I'll wander around in unconscious locomotion. Apparently, the new carpet adorning the basement and my room constitutes unfamiliar surroundings, because this morning I awoke on the basement floor without pillows or blankets. Just me, laid out on my back, with my hands clasped across my chest in true coffin-corpse fashion, in the middle of the basement floor, well away from my bedroom. I'd probably still be sleeping there if it weren't for my alarm clock blaring away at 6 a.m.

It's a disconcerting feeling to wake up where you don't expect to wake up. I was thinking, "Ahhhhh, that was a good night's sleep, now it's time for work. . . where the hell am I? I'm on the basement floor? What the fuck?"

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't trust my unconscious mind. What was it thinking? Why would it honestly prefer the basement floor to my nice warm bed?

What the fuck?

Posted by Ryan at October 10, 2002 11:14 AM
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