October 18, 2002

Why is Face Hugging So

Why is Face Hugging So Much Better Than Life?

Last night, following two hours of hapkido during which my forearms became two giant continuous bruises due to blocking, I settled in with a nice mixed drink consisting of Absolut Vodka, 7-Up, and Minute Maid lemonade. I fired up my latest video game, Alien vs. Predator 2 (thanks Layne), and set about trying to figure out the maddening purchase.

I learned a lot; namely, I learned you can pick off humans from a long ways off using the initial weapon they provide the predator. I mean a long ways off. I'm pretty sure a predator could be sipping a tropical drink in Mauii and pick off a marine in Vermont. Well, anyway, I eventually tired of the predator activity and ventured into the realm of the Aliens, and I finally was able to navigate the face hugger into the room of a sleeping marine, and I just sort of sat there, on my arachnid-like legs, looking at my soon-to-be victim. My mouse button finger was twitching madly, eager to pounce on the face of the snoring marine who had foolishly left his door ajar. Yet I hesitated.

At that moment, a moment that should have been ripe with victory, I started thinking, "why the hell am I playing this game?" I mean, seriously, I have the world literally at my fingertips via the Internet. I could, and should, be writing just for the sake of writing. I could, and should, be surfing for more enjoyable employment. I could, and should, be adding to my cache of Internet porn. I could, and should, be doing a lot of other things that could enrich my existence.

But, I opted to pounce on the marine's face and advance to the next level. And it was fucking cool.

Posted by Ryan at October 18, 2002 09:35 AM
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