November 07, 2002

Redundancy in Advertising I was

Redundancy in Advertising

I was rollerblading with the girl last night in temperatures more suited to hunting polar bears, but whatever. After about six miles, we passed a dentist's office called Family Dentist Tree (get it, dentist tree (dentistry), yeah, it's pretty lame). Anyway, aside from a somewhat witty play on words, the office also touted "Gentle Dental Care."

Oh, it's gentle dental care. Well, I was hoping for a place that dealt a little more in pain and suffering, so I guess I'll keep looking. I mean, really, are people that concerned that they'll enter a medieval dungeon with a rack and boiling oil that they need to see an office that advertises a gentle approach? Imagine a television commercial for a "pain only" approach to dentistry:

DENTIST: We here at "Drill 'em and Fill 'em" don't believe in novicaine or nitrous oxide. Pain killers are for wussies, and they're just expensive add-ons. No, our dentists are specifically trained to offer our patients only shots of J&B whiskey or Yukon Jack. Yes, feel dental work as it was meant to be felt, with screaming pain and occasional fainting. Come to "Drill 'em and Fill 'em" today, and crap your pants when you see the size of our pain-inflicting instruments.

Come to think of it, maybe Family Dentist Tree had to include the "Gentle Dental Care" addendum after an unfortunate string of accidents. Maybe, after years of whacking out teeth with hammers, the folks at Family Dentist Tree discovered that business would do better if they offered a more gentle approach and felt compelled to advertise their newfound gentleness.

Whatever the reason, I think it's still pretty stupid.

You know what though? I have the same general gripe about a lot of restaurants that offer "Good Food" or "Fine Italian Cuisine." As opposed to what? A heaping pile of donkey dung on a platter? "Oh, look honey, this place says it has 'Good Food.' Let's eat here, because that place down the street that offers 'Dog Ass Grub' just doesn't sound like something I'm in the mood for right now."

And, really, I kind of figure that, when I go to a place called "India Garden," I'm probably going to see a menu that features Indian food. I don't need the neon sign telling me that they feature "Authentic Indian Cuisine." Are there Indian restaurants out there that specialize in faux-Indian cuisine? Where the tandoori chicken is, in fact, the Colonel's Secret Recipe? Where the special Indian nan bread is actually Roman Meal or Wonder?

At any rate, I'm finished with my rant. In conclusion, I totally agree with Tammy when she says that Strong Bad is the best. He'll have you laughing till you stop. How's that for a glowing endorsement?

Posted by Ryan at November 7, 2002 11:30 AM

We find our customers are very pleased with the care they recieve at our office, largely because of the gentleness of our care. In a recent survey, "gentleness" was ranked more important than "price," "location," or "flavors of tooth polish."

Also, there are numerous restaurants that butcher various ethnic cuisines, fyi.

Dr. Jeff

Posted by: Dr. William Jefferson, B.D.S. at April 17, 2005 11:28 PM


Posted by: Joshua at April 18, 2005 02:06 PM

The whole "gentle dentistry" thing must have some sort of history in Minnesota, because the first time I saw that phrase used was when I moved here, and bunches of offices all over the Cities use it in their titles and advertisements. It might be less common further south in the state, but when that many places use the phrase it sort of loses its meaning.

Not that I don't appreciate the idea of gentle dentistry, considering the difference between my family dentist's hygienists -- "Your gums are bleeding; you need to floss more" (I did need to floss more, but I kinda figure the metal instrument slipping and jabbing into my gums had more to do with the bleeding) -- and the excellent job my current hygienist does ("Your gums aren't bleeding, but you still need to floss more').

Posted by: Steve Gigl at April 19, 2005 10:23 AM

Um, Gentle Dentle is the largest network of dentists in the country as well as one of the most popular insurance companies.... maybe that was the reason?

Posted by: e. at April 21, 2005 11:27 AM
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