November 27, 2002

This Girl Pays Through the

This Girl Pays Through the Ass

I was laying in bed with my girlfriend last weekend. We were naked because we misplaced our clothes. At any rate, my hands were exploring the small of her back, when I decided to give her butt a nice friendly squeeze. So, I grab a cheek and I feel something odd sticking to her ass. I peeled off the foreign object and brought it forth to reveal that it was. . .

A nickel.

She had a nickel stuck to her butt. This was very funny to both of us, and we laughed muchly. Then, the girlfriend reached back to the other cheek to give it a scratch, only to find. . .

A quarter.

Now this had gone from a silly novelty laugh to a full-fledged comedy uproar. We couldn't stop laughing.

It turns out that, when I removed her overalls, um, rather forcefully, I scattered the change in her pockets over the bed. Then, after a sweaty activity that shall remain nameless in this blog entry, the nickel and quarter apparently welded themselves to her pretty little posterior. Mystery solved.

Damn it. And I really wanted to believe that her ass grew money too.

Posted by Ryan at November 27, 2002 11:47 AM
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