December 17, 2002

A Microcosm of Marriage in

A Microcosm of Marriage in American Society?

Melinda just got engaged last night, and she's all excited. I'm trying to withold my scathing judgment from her. But, I'll let you decide based on a recent conversation I had with her. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the stupid. Well, except me.

Melinda says: We all went out on Saturday night - was having fun, around 11:30, Bart showed up, so we left. Tina told Bart that Tony was going to ask me to marry him. Bart flipped out. He keeps calling me today telling me that I have to give the pictures of him back to him, all of the letters he's written me, etc. I told him no, but he's threatneing to tell Tony all kinds of things

Ryan says: So let him tell Tony all he wants. Big deal.

Ryan says: Bart is just being a baby. A big, fat, drug-addicted, anchor on society baby.

Melinda says: that's what I told him

Melinda says: he told me that I was cold hearted

Ryan says: That's what he does. He tries to make you out to be the bad girl.

Melinda says: yeah, when I know that I'm not. The way he's acting just verify's why he and I would NEVER work out

Ryan says: I will never, ever, understand why you feel you have to keep that guy in your life. Aren't you going to be getting engaged soon? Why do you care that he may find someone else? Come to think of it, why do you care about anything he says or does?

Melinda says: It's not easy because I love him.

Ryan says: Fine, you love Bart. You've been singing that song for two years. Is that fair to Tony?

Melinda says: Tony doesn't have to know that.

Ryan says: Well, that just leaves you with your decision whether to marry Tony or not.

Melinda says: yeah, down to just one situtation to deal with

Ryan says: And where are you at with the situation?

Melinda says: I feel more relaxed thinking that we can have a long engagement. Time enough for me to decide if that is what I want or not

Ryan says: Still seems odd to me that you can't have the same time to figure that out without having a diamond on your finger.

Melinda says: I could

Ryan says: Okay, so why rush the engagement?

Melinda says: I'm not rushing

Ryan says: Fine, so why is TONY rushing the engagement?

Melinda says: who knows... I told him that Bart wasn't happy. And, that he wanted his stuff back.

In other news Luciana Salazar is hot. I like to see Luciana Salazar nude. A naked Luciana Salazar would be pretty awesome. Mmm, Luciana Salazar nude.

Posted by Ryan at December 17, 2002 11:57 AM
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