February 10, 2003

15 Minutes of Fame. .

15 Minutes of Fame. . . Er, Almost

I'm a huge fan of James Lileks and his Daily Bleat. But today's entry just astounded me. ASTOUNDED ME! He wrote about my hometown of Harmony. He even included a picture of the local theater, although it was polluted with war protesters. But, hey, it was still really cool. It was like having my 15 minutes of fame, except totally not even close to that.

It's the sort of town that creeps up on you - a gas station, a new motel - then it states its case with a four-block downtown, hands you off to the other side of town, gives you a park or a church to note then falls back and watches you go.

James Lileks drank at the Time Out sports bar! I can't believe it! I drink at the Time Out sports bar pretty much any time I go home. Now, the next time I drink too much at the Time Out, I can slur to any one who cares that "Jamesh Lileksh drank here people! Show some reshpect!"

I remember it differently. It was a warm October afternoon. The ceremony took place at the high school, which was larger than you'd think a town this size would have - but of course its students also came from the surrounding farmland. You crossed a long green lawn spattered with fallen leaves, and entered 1958.

I think I'll take the time to more fully appreciate Harmony the next time I go home.

Posted by Ryan at February 10, 2003 10:34 AM

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