February 25, 2003

The French Waiter Who Needs

The French Waiter Who Needs a Foot in His Ass

Last night, after eight consecutive hours of shmoozing with no eating, myself and five other co-workers went to the hotel restaurant to eat, a little French establishment on the ground floor of the Le Meridien. I have never, and I mean never ever never, had a waiter such as this. It took ten minutes to get menus, and ten minutes after that to get drinks, but it was when we were ordering that this French surrender monkey showed his true colors.

One of my female co-diners was in the middle of ordering, when the table behind us asked the waiter for a fresh bottle of wine. To our absolute amazement, our waiter, who had been less than hospitable to begin with, turned around while in mid-order and began pouring wine for the table behind us, and then he disappeared to get them a fresh bottle. He did not return for 10 minutes. WTF?

And he was the Employee Of The Month, or so it said right below his name-tag. I can't imagine what the worst employee is like. Sheesh.

Posted by Ryan at February 25, 2003 11:14 AM
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