February 25, 2003

Beer Instead of JFK One

Beer Instead of JFK

One of my co-workers, Kelly, and I took the short train ride down to the grassy knoll. Okay, not really. We were supposed to visit the JFK assasination site, but a little thing called snow, an inch of it, has apparently closed down Texas. The entire state of Texas. Closed. Again, not really, but it seems like it at times.

Instead, Kelly and I scoped out the area (no pun intended), just in case the JFK thing opens up tomorrow and we can actually get in. After a quick perusal, we stopped in at a huge Mexican restaurant that was pretty much deserted and ordered a couple of beers. And what beers they were! Huge, monstrous bells of amber delight. Of course, after a couple, I now have a slight buzz on and I have to sit in on interviews for the next few hours.

UPDATE: This is no ordinary snow. This is a strange hard-packed veneer that can only be safely traversed via ice skates. One of my meetings was cancelled because the guy I was supposed to speak with went off the road, not once, but twice before turning around and going home. I stand by my earlier statement.


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