February 25, 2003

Tech Bubble Burst My Ass

Tech Bubble Burst My Ass

If there's one lesson that I learn again and again in this job is that the tech bubble never burst. It is at full inflation. People just haven't figured out how to appropriately market it yet. As I immerse myself in this world of tech geeks, it's painfully obvious that the enthusiasm and development of the technology world is alive and well.

True, in the late, late, late, 90s, ill-informed folks with unbridled ambition used technology to make themselves wealthy without understanding the way business and technology really work (see pets.com), but technology never died because of that; the only thing that died were 1,000+ Internet sites that envisioned unlimited profits without understanding a profitable business model.

Some of the shit being paraded around here is light years ahead of anything most businesses will ever see, but they better, because they won't be able to compete without it.

Posted by Ryan at February 25, 2003 06:38 PM

Party Pocker - Poker

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