March 03, 2003

Bart Simpson in Rural Minnesota

Bart Simpson in Rural Minnesota

For my birthday, myself, Mel, and a group of eight friends went to eat at a little place called the Canton Pub, which is a pub located in Canton. To say the Canton Pub is small would be a severe understatement, but they have some of the best soup on the planet, so they keep me coming back whenever I'm home.

So, we were sitting there, happily eating away, when I became aware that one of the pub workers was calling out to all the patrons, asking for a very specific individual, as per the request of whoever was on the phone with her.

"Craven Moorehead?!" she yelled. "Is there a Craven Moorehead?!"

I lost it right there, because that, by itself, was super funny. But then, she said it. . .

"Is anyone here Craven Moorehead?!"

I told Mel to raise her hand. By that time, the entire pub was rolling with laughter. When it finally dawned on the poor pub worker what she was saying, she turned about 10 shades of red.

Bart Simpson would be so proud.

Posted by Ryan at March 3, 2003 11:24 AM
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