March 04, 2003

A Doggone Strange Idea It's

A Doggone Strange Idea

It's been awhile since I've found a quality piece of odd news, but I think A Brothel For Sex Starved Dogs should make up for lost time.

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German artist has applied for a license to open a brothel in Berlin for sexually frustrated dogs and says it will be the first of its kind anywhere.

First of its kind, eh? Funny no one thought of this before. How does one ascertain that a dog is sex-starved anyway? Does it hump your leg more violently than normal? Perhaps Rover flips through his latest issue of Playpet magazine a bit more longingly than usual. I really have to tip my hat to the reporter who got this scoop. Do you realize how many boring city council meetings he probably had to sit through before this one fell in his lap?

Karl-Friedrich Lenze, 54, said he planned to charge dog owners $27 per half hour of happiness.

That's robbery!

Ordinarily, I'd write this off as terribly bad idea, but really, some people love their pets so much, I can honestly see them coughing up $27 so Fido can get his groove on.

"If dogs can't get what they want, they get cranky -- just like people," Lenze told Reuters.

You can't have cranky sex-starved dogs running around. They join gangs and roam around looking for unwary joggers to drag down and rape.

The establishment would offer patrons a variety of carefully vetted "employees" of both sexes, rooms for private encounters and even a "bar" where customers could sniff out their preferred partners.

Okay, people, you can commence with your laughing, because this is one damn funny news item.

Posted by Ryan at March 4, 2003 04:43 PM
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