March 10, 2003

That Homeless Guy Jacinda mentioned

That Homeless Guy

Jacinda mentioned Indy's homeless, and, oh my, there are plenty of homeless. You can tell the homeless because they don't have homes, and they're quick to hit you up for a handout. I'm usually steadfast in turning down most beggars, but only because I can't afford to give money to every outstretched hand. But within one hour of landing in Indianapolis, I found myself handing over some cash to a truly disheveled soul.

He was missing a leg, was blind in a yellowish, creamy left eye, and got around on a dilapidated wheelchair. He hit me up as I came out of a pharmacy after buying toiletries I didn't have due to missing luggage (long story). After taking one look at that guy, I decided he was having a far more difficult day than I was. He mumbled something about being starving, and, since I didn't want him to have to gnaw off his other leg, I gave him all the ones I had in my wallet: $8.

I have it pretty good. Luggage or no luggage.

Posted by Ryan at March 10, 2003 09:12 AM
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