March 10, 2003

Blix Defends Iraqi Drone Omission

Blix Defends Iraqi Drone Omission
Chief U.N. Inspector Says "You Didn't Ask"

NEW YORK (Rhodes Media Services) -- Chief U.N. Weapons inspector Hans Blix, under pressure after failing to mention the presence of illegal Iraqi unmanned drones, brushed aside criticism by explaining to the U.N. Security Council that it had never asked him about drones.

"Listen," said Blix. "I'm supposed to tell you about all the weapons of mass destruction that I find in Iraq. You never told me to go into detail about every other piece of banned technology Iraq is developing. I'm looking for nukes, and chemical and biological weapons, and that's pretty difficult all by itself without magically discerning that you also want me to report about drones. I mean, if you had simply asked me to tell you about the drones, I would have. Honest."

The drones, which are clearly a violation of U.N. demands on Iraq to halt weapon development, are capable of delivering chemical and biological weapons over far greater distances than even Iraq's banned Al Samoud missiles that are reportedly being destroyed. The U.S. has thus far dismissed claims by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein that the drones are just part of his ambitious model airplane hobby.

"Work with me people," added Blix, scolding the U.N. Security Council. "Help me, help you. Help me. . .help you! If you want me to tell you about drones, you have to ask. And if you want me to tell you about Iraq's stockpile of ebola virus that I found a couple of months ago, you're going to have to ask about that, too. I'm not a mind reader."

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