March 13, 2003

An Iraqi Blog Worth Reading

An Iraqi Blog Worth Reading

Want a perspective of the impending war from an actual Iraqi? Then I suggest you go here. Thanks to The Daily Bleat for steering me there.

I'll let you decide the person's viewpoints, but they sure don't like the human shield joke. An excerpt:

Human Shields Bashing #124

"Basically, they said we are not going to feed you any longer," said John Ross, an American who has been active in radical causes since he tore up his draft card in 1964.
Excuse while I wipe the tears from my eyes. Outoutout. He could have at least say something more in line with his "radical cause". This is a bit insulting actually for some reason I feel offended. FEED YOU? Why does the Iraqi government have to friggin' feed you, you have volunteered to "help" in country which can't feed its own population properly (well it could if it spent a bit less on itself and on people like you). There is another good bit:

The activists accused the Iraqi authorities of trying to use them as pawns in the war with America.

oh, shockhorror, what a surprise. Back to where you came from. Don't wait for thank you speeches, outoutout.

The bitter flight from Iraq follows a showdown with the Iraqi authorities who demanded that they decamp from their hotels in central Baghdad and take up their self-assigned roles as civilian protectors.

No no, just stay in your hotels, buy souvenirs and make fun of the backward ways of these Iraqis, hope you sent all your friends postcards telling them about the pita and tahini you have been eating while strolling around Baghdad, you tourists. Did you take enough pictures of children begging in the streets to show your friends back home how much you care about the plight of the poor in the third world. Bet they were all shaking hands and promising to see each other at the next "worthy cause" party.

An Iraqi Rambling Rhodes? Perhaps.

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