April 16, 2003

Time For toilet Talk I

Time For toilet Talk

I recently saw a commercial that asked the pressing question: "Do you know what is going on in your toilet tank?"

Well, no, not really. A party? A U.N. meeting? Somebody, please tell me what is going on in my toilet tank!

I probably don't spend enough time adequately worrying about my toilet. Granted, I'll clean it when it's dirty, and by dirty I mean it has given rise to eight new distinct life forms. But, overall, my toilet isn't generally a great source of worry for me. I use it for its designed purpose, and then I move on to other things.

However, the commercial I saw really got me thinking about toilets and the many available ways to clean them. It had never before registered to me just how wonderfully hysterical toilet cleansing advertising actually is. I mean, there are a LOT of toilet cleaners on the market, and each one has to distinguish itself from the competition. How many possible ways are there to distinguish yourself as THE toilet cleaning solution?

I have to hand it to toilet Duck, because they've been able to combine toilet cleaning with an adorable quacking duck. They make toilet cleaning seem almost cute. I remember one of the first toilet Duck commercials. It featured a computer generated animated rubber duck with a big smile on its bill. The duck quacked enthusiastically as it whirled around the toilet bowl. Quack, quack! Now THAT'S advertising!

Of course, this post was just to re-establish my love of potty talk. I'm so hopeless.

Posted by Ryan at April 16, 2003 11:31 AM
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