April 18, 2003

Analyze This, That, And The

Analyze This, That, And The Other Thing

Last night I dreamed I had a cat named October. It was an all black cat with orange, yes orange, eyes. I remember thinking it looked really creepy with orange eyes, so I named it October (Halloween, don't you know).

Suddenly, I found myself at my grandmother's place up north, only it wasn't her house, yet I strangely enough knew my way perfectly around the place. Melissa was with me, and the whole family was making a big fuss over her.

Then, the scene shifted to a huge dinner table, where everyone was sitting, including my Grandpa, who died two Septembers ago. It didn't dawn on me that grandpa was actually dead until I noticed that he was blowing spit bubbles out of the side of his mouth while he ate. Grandpa never did that (actually, no one I know does that). That's when I remembered that grandpa was actually dead, so I decided that grandma must have met another man that looked remarkably like him. An imposter.

Flash to the next scene: I'm outside playing with October, when suddenly his tail falls off. I try to re-attach the tail, and initially I'm successful, but it falls off again a little while later. October gets suddenly pissed at the world and starts going all Pet Cemetery on me, his eyes glowing orange as he digs his claws deep into my arm, hissing the whole time. I manage to get the deranged cat off my arm and throw him as far as I can away from me, and then I dash into the house to safety.

October then keeps everyone inside the house by patrolling the outside, occasionally jumping up against a window and banging up against the door. I mean, this was one pissed off cat. Shortly before I awoke, I had another scene change, with Melissa and I driving home from my grandmother's (which, in my head, was a nine hour drive, which it isn't), and I was struck by a big realization that the cat was an analogy for Saddam Hussein. Then I woke up.

Anyone want to take a stab at dream analysis on this one?



Posted by Ryan at April 18, 2003 03:45 PM
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