May 13, 2003

My IBM Bathroom Is ALWAYS

My IBM Bathroom Is ALWAYS Being Cleaned

I just stepped away from my computer so I could go relieve my Diet Pepsi filled bladder. Lo and behold, there was a yellow caution sign propped in front of the men's room. This is the warning to all men that a cleaning lady is inside doing her bathroom cleaning duty. That's just fine. I prefer clean bathrooms.

However, it seems like that damn caution sign is up ALL the time. Every time I need to go to the bathroom, that damn yellow sign is posted in front of the door. Every. Damn. Time. I can't take it any more. I'm about to pee in my empty Diet Pepsi bottle. What could they possibly be doing in the bathroom that takes that long to clean, and why does it require cleaning nearly 20 times a day?

Even worse that seeing the sign standing like a sentry is being caught in the bathroom when the cleaning lady pops her head in the door and yells, "Cleaning lady! Anybody in here?!" It's mortifying to be in mid-grunt while at the same time yelling back, "Yes, I'll just be a minute!"

Back when I went to school in Tokyo, the cleaning ladies didn't have such qualms about cleaning around men with exposed privates. The little old ladies would just come right in, no matter how many guys were lined up against the urinals or in the stalls, and they would just start cleaning. I swear, if I left my wang exposed long enough, they would have scrubbed that, too.

But here, the culture is a tad different. I actually would care less if the cleaning ladies at IBM marched in when I was in mid-pee. I mean, at least I'm relieving my bladder. And, right now, I really gotta pee.

Posted by Ryan at May 13, 2003 10:32 AM
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