October 02, 2003

North Korean Marketing In High Gear

Arms Dealing Nation Excited About New Nuclear Weapons Campaign

PYONGYANG (Rhodes Media Services) -- Determined to further establish itself as a world leader in arms dealing, North Korea has been heavily focusing on its "We Have Nukes, Too" advertising campaign.

North Korea has been extremely successful in branding itself as a bad boy, rebel without a cause, and it has built a loyal customer base in such countries as Yemen, which has been an enthusiastic buyer of North Korean-made SCUD missiles.

"Our sales really took off after we were named to the Axis of Evil by President Bush," said North Korea's chief marketing manager, Kim Jong Park. "You simply can't BUY exposure like that. Now that we have nukes, we don't have to rely on lucky breaks like that any more. Now we can just yell 'Nukes! We got nukes here! Get your nukes right here! Made fresh daily from one of the two remaining members of the Axis of Evil! Satisfaction guaranteed!' And we don't have to pay much for advertising, either because, if we just blurt out 'Nukes!' pretty much every news organization in the world runs with it. I'm telling you, it's a pretty sweet deal, and it makes my job really easy."

Park said it was also a stroke of marketing genius to name their missile delivery systems Nodong and Taepo Dong, because they appealed to customers with a sly sense of humor.

"Yemen can't wait to get their hands on a Taepo Dong. Any Taepo Dong," said Park. "I mean, think about it. How many nations would like to attack another country using some Taepo Dongs? That's classic comedy with a little mayhem thrown into the mix for good measure."

Posted by Ryan at October 2, 2003 11:34 AM
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