October 03, 2003

Start Of A Strange Autumn

Yesterday morning, as I exited the warmth of the house and entered the nipping chill of this unusually cool start to October, I noticed something I had never before witnessed. First off, I should note that there was frost on the ground. I've seen frost before, so that was no big deal.

But, all down the street, I noticed that trees were shedding their leaves, and I mean they were just dropping their leaves like snow. These were healthy green leaves, without a trace of fall color to them. Yet they were just cascading from the trees, piling up in enormous blankets in the yards.

When I got back from work, people were dutifully raking up mounds and mounds of green leaves. I've never seen such a thing before. Practically every single leaf on those trees, and trees all over town, were virtually bare. It was like the fall season kicked things into super fast forward.

Does it have to do with an early frost? Does it have to do with our summer drought? Can anyone explain it?

Posted by Ryan at October 3, 2003 09:43 AM
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